Sept. 20, 2022

60. Helping Your Dog Heal With Nutrition

60. Helping Your Dog Heal With Nutrition

There have certainly been times when walking into a pet store, let alone a healthy pet store, has been overwhelming. Whether I just didn’t know what to get because my cat or dog was sick, or I knew I wanted something better for food but the labels were confusing. 


That’s why I’m so glad that there are more and more healthy pet store owners and pet advocates out there to help. 


Krysta Fox and Jeff DiRe own Pug and Hound Apothecary in Illinois and along with their instafamous pug Bruce, they are helping pets and their parents find healthier alternatives to food and medicine. 


As you’ll hear in today’s episode, Krysta and Jeff have an extraordinary background in the pet industry and each have a passion for helping people and their pets. 


Oh, and don’t let the fact that they’re in IL fool you, no, they also offer online consultations … so stay tuned because I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with this super duo as much as I have.


P.S. I bet you can’t guess what their favorite foods are! Make sure to stick around til the end to find out!

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Krysta FoxProfile Photo

Krysta Fox


Krysta began her pet industry career at a small feed store in her hometown. Since then, she has taken on several roles within the industry including the manufacture and sales of raw dog food and treats, nutritional consulting, and has been working as a veterinary technician for several years now. She has working experience in traditional, holistic, and integrative veterinary practices which plays a key part in her knowledge of veterinary medicine and common (and uncommon) practice within the field. Krysta has always been surrounded by animals since she was born. She is beyond obsessed with learning more every day in the field of animal health and nutrition. With her combined veterinary and pet industry knowledge, she can effectively help almost anyone she comes across in some way regarding their pets’ health.

Jeff DiReProfile Photo

Jeff DiRe


As a fresh food advocate, I have been involved in the pet world for several years. Bringing real-world perspective as well as knowledge anyone can understand. I own Willy and Xena, two incredible raw-fed rescues that thrive on their amazing diet and wellness protocol. I continue to educate myself daily and get the word out about the fresh food movement! I try to make the crazy complicated world of animal health easier to understand for all pet owners!