Sept. 27, 2022

61. HOW You Feed Your Pet Is As Important As What You Feed

61. HOW You Feed Your Pet Is As Important As What You Feed

We talk a lot about WHAT to feed your pet, but how often have you thought about HOW to feed your pet?

Today, we’re talking with Carol Smeja from Mine Pet Platter about the BEST way to feed your animal, and why (and how) it makes a difference to their health and wellbeing.


In many ways, how you feed IS just as important as what you feed!

What will be discussed:

1. How your animal’s mealware can positively - or negatively - impact their mood, appetite, and stress levels 

2. Why science supports ditching the bowl and how it is good for your animal

3. Why supporting your pet’s instinctual drive will make them thrive

I especially love how we dive into food and dog training, but I'm biased! 

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Carol SmejaProfile Photo

Carol Smeja

Founder and President

Carol Smeja earned a PhD focusing in the areas psychology and sociology which she applied to understanding the eating dynamics of people. She worked with U.S. and global food companies in both research and marketing programs and assisted U.S. government agencies with efforts to improve health and diet. More recently, she has applied her extensive research and diagnostic training in understanding the eating behavior of our dogs & cats by studying the natural and instinctive behaviors of their ancestral roots. She has conducted comprehensive reviews and integrated information from wildlife specialists, professional research and observational programs. She and her late husband dedicated themselves to developing the first ever feeder, The Original mine Pet Platter, which allows dogs & cats to eat the way they are meant to--naturally. This not only improves their health and wellbeing but also solves all of the common feeding problems caused by bowl feeding. Carol volunteers at zoos to gain further knowledge on dietary needs and feeding habits in addition to improving conservation. She enjoys sharing her knowledge at professional events to help our pets live their best lives.