Oct. 18, 2022

64. The BEST Way To Consume Short Form Content As A Pet Parent

64. The BEST Way To Consume Short Form Content As A Pet Parent

Social media is confusing and often overwhelming, especially for us pet parents.


Our attention spans are decreasing and the platforms are pushing for shorter and shorter forms of content. For a creator, especially in the healthy pet space, it can be challenging to get across a complete thought in 60 seconds, but we have to in order to get seen.


So, what do you do as a pet parent? How are you supposed to consume this type of content and actually learn something to help your pet?


I have this same question, so Gwen Campbell, COO for Dr Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets, joins me to discuss

- how best to consume short-form content

- finding trusted resources on social media

- and what it’s like to work with Dr. Judy (aka her mom!)


You don’t want to miss one second of today’s episode, so go check it out now!

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Gwen Campbell


Gwen Campbell is the Chief Operating Officer for Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally Healthy Pets (NHP) The mission at NHP is to empower and educate pet parents so they can advocate for a happier, healthier life for their pet. NHP offers free and paid educational content, and 350+ natural pet care products on their e-commerce platforms DrJudyMorgan.com and DrJudyU.com. Gwen has been responsible for the creation and execution of the strategy for business growth (and survival through COVID) since 2019. Gwen is passionate about ethical business practices and has the challenging task of balancing the needs of animals, their pet parents, and maintaining a cash flow positive business. The combination of her engineering degree and passion for animals from both her parents being veterinarians, has been a welcome addition to the pet industry.