Oct. 25, 2022

65. HPP Foods, Mushrooms, & Italy

65. HPP Foods, Mushrooms, & Italy

I recently got back from a trip to Italy where I got the virus that we can't talk about. 

In today's episode, we're chatting about the dogs in Italy, and two other topics to help you and your pets: mushrooms and HPP foods. 

Mushrooms are all the rage right now in the pet parent community, and for good reason. Different varieties of mushrooms help with different ailments, but many of them have properties that can help everyone on a cellular level. 

Is the food you're feeding your dog (or cat) really raw? A process by many names, though the most common is HPP, or high-pressure pasteurization may be used by your dog food company and there are some risks that you definitely want to know about. Is your food being HPP'd?

Find out more in today's episode!

🔗🔗🔗 Links discussed in this episode ⬇️ 

Dr. Will Falconer: https://vitalanimal.com/

Your Natural Dog: https://yournaturaldog.com/

Adored Beast Apothecary: https://adoredbeast.com/?stamped_referral_code=xW3rpBO4&rewards-launcher=view-referrals-claim

Dr. Ruth Roberts: https://drruthroberts.com/

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