Nov. 1, 2022

66. Where Do Your Dog Treats Come From?

66. Where Do Your Dog Treats Come From?

For some of us, treats for our dogs are an afterthought. 

For others of us, we put as much thought and care into the treats we pick for our dogs as we do the foods we feed.


Wherever you fall on the spectrum of treat purchasers, Samm from Bear’s Bites has some helpful tips for you!


Samm founded Bear’s Bites when she struggled to find healthy treats for her dogs with food allergies. 


You may be in the same boat.


All of our dogs deserve the best treats, but for those of us dealing with sensitivities and allergies, it’s top of mind.


Join us as we discuss why it is so important to source high-quality treats for your pets … and to find out what Samm’s favorite human treat is!

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Samm Hutchison


Samm Hutchison is the Owner and Founder of Bear’s Bites and the Co-Founder of the Bear’s Bites Foundation. Samm started Bear’s Bites after struggling to find good quality treats for her own dogs when they were diagnosed with food allergies. Samm and her husband Co-founded the Bear’s Bites foundation after struggling to figure out how to pay for their family dog Tank’s emergency medical bills and decided that they wanted to help families never have to worry about the bill while in an emergency situation with their fur family.