Nov. 8, 2022

67. Helping Pets and their parents with Cancer

67. Helping Pets and their parents with Cancer

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost HALF of dogs over the age of ten will develop cancer … and this number is RISING every year.

As a dog mom, this is a scary thought. 

On today’s episode, I got to chat with a very special human who spends every waking moment possible helping people and their pets with a cancer diagnosis and encouraging diet and lifestyle changes for prevention.

More than once in today’s episode, he brought up factors to health that are so often overlooked, even by medical professionals. 

You are going to be so encouraged by the end of today’s episode, whether you have a dog living with cancer, or you just want to be the best dog parent you can be! 

If you don’t know by now who I had the pleasure of speaking with, he is none other than Peter Ciancarelli, founder of the famous Facebook group Allie’s Crew, named after his dog Allie, who he lovingly cared for during her long battle with cancer. 

His story is inspiring, and what he is doing to help people whose dogs are diagnosed with cancer is incredible. 

You don’t want to miss a single second!

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Peter Ciancarelli

Pet parent / medical cannabis consultant