Nov. 29, 2022

71. Regenerative agriculture, eco-friendly dog treats from Furever Love Club

71. Regenerative agriculture, eco-friendly dog treats from Furever Love Club

The food and treats that we feed our pets matter…


but it’s more than just feeding fresh foods, we also need to be aware of the SOURCING of those foods, including how they are raised.


Susanna Domosi is the founder of Furever Love Clubs company dedicated to providing you with transparent sourcing of the highest quality treats and chews for your dogs. 


I’m more than a fan, I’m also a customer and Kim is a FANATIC when it comes to the treats we get from FLC.


In today’s episode, we chat about so much more than treats and chews, including her passions as a ballerina, regenerative farming, and SO MANY duck heads! 


Plus, there’s one part where, well, I’ll let you take a listen … you’ll have to let me know your favorite tip from today’s episode!

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Susanna DomosiProfile Photo

Susanna Domosi


Susanna is the Founder of the organic & pastured treat & chew box called Furever Love Club. With a mission to help dogs live longer lives with minimally processed foods, Furever Love Club’s treats + chews are single ingredient with 0 additives/preservatives/chemicals. FLC is inspired by Susanna's first dog, Grizzly Bear.

Prior to starting FLC, Susanna worked in the finance industry as well as in the real estate industry in New York City. Growing up, Susanna trained in classical ballet for 15 years followed by teaching ballet to underprivileged children in Harlem at a non-profit called Groove With Me.