Feb. 28, 2023

80. Dog Nutrition: Raw Goats Milk & Veggies with Billy Hoekman

80. Dog Nutrition: Raw Goats Milk & Veggies with Billy Hoekman

Y'all know how much I love adding raw goat's milk into my dogs' diet and that I suggest it for most, if not all of my client's dogs and cats.

Today's guest is the person I credit my love of raw goat's milk to, and we chat about why it's such a superfood for all mammals.

Who is this superhuman? None other than Billy Hoekman! I was thrilled to get to catch up with him for this chat and bring you some out-of-this-world information to help your pets.

You'll learn:
 - why raw goats milk is literally the GOAT
 - why veggies are superfoods in their own right
 - how raw fed dogs need a more diverse microbiome
 - and so much more

You'll want to replay this episode to make sure you catch all the nuggets of wisdom that Billy has for you in today's episode.

Billy is the vice president of nutrition at Green Juju and is an advocate for proper nutrition for all animals.

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Billy HoekmanProfile Photo

Billy Hoekman

Vice President of Nutrition and Communication

Billy Hoekman is Vice President of Nutrition and Communication for Green Juju. He is involved in formulation, product development, working with farmers, science education, and sales and marketing. He participates frequently in expert panels and speaks nationally and internationally in venues ranging from universities and conferences to public libraries. He also serves on the board of directors for multiple organizations, attends AAFCO meetings, and has numerous published articles. He is a trusted pet health advocate that specializes in turning hard to understand nutrition concepts into plain English. He lives in Lancaster Pennsylvania with his wife Emily, their daughter Maple, and their dog Huckleberry.