March 28, 2023

84. Reactive humans (& dogs) with Karoline May

84. Reactive humans (& dogs) with Karoline May

Your mental health is obviously a very important part of your life, but have you thought about how it affects your dog?

Karoline May, the founder of Dog Mom Mentality, joins me today to share her journey as a mental health advocate and dog mom. 

Her dog, Layla, is the inspiration for all of it and I'm here for it.

She is also giving YOU 10% off of her custom dog mom mentality journal by using the code PPR10 on her website: 

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Karoline MayProfile Photo

Karoline May

Creator / Podcast Host

Karoline May is the creator of the Dog Mom Mentality brand: a community of dog owners, a podcast, a merch line, and a journal all here to support and empower dog owners through their own mental health and training journeys. It all started in 2020 with an Australian Shepherd mix named Layla who became Karoline’s invitation to healing.

Karoline has been no stranger to mental health struggles. From a young age, she stuffed down her anxiety in hopes that within denial, it would disappear. As she approached college, she began to take her mental health into her own hands. However, it wasn’t until her husband brought home Layla that Karoline’s anxiety was immensely triggered by Layla's reactivity and behavioral issues. Through training and developing a relationship with Layla, Karoline found healing within her own life.

She quickly took to the internet to share the lessons that came through from training her dog - from setting boundaries to sharpening her communication skills to building up her self-confidence and being more aware of when her ego drives the ship. Dog Mom Mentality was born and over the past two years has garnered a community of over 10,000 dog owners committed to living a more intentional and fulfilling life, especially with their dog.
Today, Karoline’s platforms focus on motivating and empowering other dog owners to build their confidence and relationship with their dog through training, play, mental health advocacy, and exploring. Dog Mom Mentality has blossomed into a full brand including a podcast, merch line, and journal.

Layla was Karoline’s invitation into finding her own strength and with Dog Mom Mentality, Karoline is inviting you to do the same.