May 9, 2023

90. The TRUTH About Military & Contractor Working Dogs with Mission K9 Rescue

90. The TRUTH About Military & Contractor Working Dogs with Mission K9 Rescue

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I have the utmost respect for our military and working dogs. They are trained to do some really incredible - and undeniably brave - things. 

It's sad to think about what fate awaits them after service. Some dogs are lucky, others are not. 

Bob Bryant from Mission K9 Rescue joins me today to talk about the work they do to help rehabilitate these dogs after bringing them home safely.

If you're like me, you'll want to grab a tissue, and immediately contact your elected representatives to get involved. 

Don't forget to support Mission K9 Rescue any way you are able to, including adopting one of these incredible dogs.

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Bob BryantProfile Photo

Bob Bryant

CTO - CoFounder

Bob Bryant is the chief technology officer of Mission K9 Rescue, an animal welfare group dedicated solely to rescuing, reuniting, rehoming, repairing, and rehabilitating American working dogs. Since 2013, the group has provided a wide array of services to working dogs in an effort to offer them a comfortable and peaceful retirement. Mission K9 focuses on retrieving dogs both from overseas and national shelter situations where they are suffering without proper care or medical attention. Their work has been featured numerous times in the national media, including appearances on “America with Eric Bolling” and “Pit Bulls & Parolees.” Learn more at