May 23, 2023

The TRUTH About Pet Food with Susan Thixton

The TRUTH About Pet Food with Susan Thixton

I've called the pet food world "The Wild West" before but you may not have known quite why I feel this way. We know "The Wild West" to be a relatively lawless place where people did what they wanted and not much regulation was happening.

That's exactly how I see Big Pet Food. 

Much of what I know about pet food I learned from Susan Thixton and her blog Truth About Pet Food.

Susan joins me today to let you in on the secrets that Big Pet Food doesn't want you to know about!

Find Susan's blog here:

The specific blog about what is regulated on a pet food label can be found here: 

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Susan ThixtonProfile Photo

Susan Thixton

Pet Food Consumer Advocate

Susan Thixton is a pet food consumer advocate - one of just a handful of advocates in the US that fight to hold the pet food industry accountable to existing food safety regulations. She is the founder of Association for Truth in Pet food – a pet food consumer stakeholder organization which represents the consumer voice at regulatory meetings. Susan is the author and co-author of several books, the publisher of the website,, and Association for Truth in Pet Food.