The Pet Parenting Reset

The Pet Parenting Reset

Different methods for pet parenting success

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76. How Dogs Can Change Our Lives with Erin Scott of Believe In Dog

Jan. 31, 2023

Erin Scott is the host of the Believe In Dog podcast and co-host of The Alternative Dog Moms podcast. Her unique spin on stories of dogs and their humans gives us all the feels and I'm here for it. If ever you need a reminde…

75. Balanced Training: What is it? Why I don't use it

Jan. 24, 2023

It's true, not all dog trainers are created equally, and I'm proud to be a positive reinforcement trainer. There are reasons why I choose positive reinforcement training, and even with the emerging "balanced training" traine…

74. The Other Side Of Rescue with Elsa Peralta from Dog Rescue Without Borders

Jan. 17, 2023

We adopted our dog, Kimberly, from Dog Rescue Without Borders over 6 years ago now. Meeting Elsa and volunteering to help with the rescue helped to remind me just how much we all need reminders of what life is like for those…

73. Pets and Children

Jan. 10, 2023

I have had many people contacting me lately about dog training for dogs that have small children in the home. For some reason, people seem to think that dogs should allow children to do whatever they want to them. If you can…

DANGERS Every Pet Parent Needs To Know

Jan. 3, 2023

We've talked about some things that are popular in traditional veterinary medicine that should be avoided. Still, today's guest has some insight into a different danger that we all need to be aware of before taking our pet t…

71. Regenerative agriculture, eco-friendly dog treats from Furever Love Club

Nov. 29, 2022

The food and treats that we feed our pets matter… but it’s more than just feeding fresh foods, we also need to be aware of the SOURCING of those foods, including how they are raised. Susanna Domosi is the founder of Furever …

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cat separation anxiety

We've all heard of separation anxiety in dogs, but most have never considered that cats can deal with the same anxiety.

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